Spintop is an environment where blockchain gaming unites. We got the chance to work with them for their launch movie and we were ready to show our skills :) From day one, Spintop became one of our passion brands.

We've designed interfaces where you can walk inside, portals, RPG games and matrix-style arsenals. It was a fulfilling and exciting experience for our team.

Enjoy in 4K.

// Sketches //
// Style Frames //
// Behind the Scenes //
// Credits //
Client: Spintop Network
Production Company: Wonder & Render
Director: Aytaç Duman
Creative Director: R. Sermet Öner
Project Manager: Müge Baki Demir
Art Direction & Design: Erdem Cambaz, Gamze Beyaz
2D Animation: Ömer Özsoy, Mehmet Köksoy
Cel Animation. Erhan Gezen
Sound Design & Final Mix: Ayşe Özge Geşli
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